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Every Child Matters. Protecting Children is everybody’s business – It’s mine and yours! National Child Protection week – 29 May – 04 June 2022


Child Protection week is celebrated Nationally in the country to raise awareness of the rights of children as articulated in the Constitution.  Protecting children from violence, exploitation and abuse is not only a basic value but an obligation set out in SA Constitution.

The Gansbaai CPF Chairperson Julia Barlow and Sgt Woensdregt Basson visited the school principals / deputy principal at three Primary schools during May to discuss the Project and to ask that the school children and parents participate.  The children, parents and teachers were encouraged to wear green on the day their schools were visited.  In addition, children were encouraged to make posters to create and ensure awareness of protecting our children.  The school events took place:

  • 30 May 2022 – Laerskool Gansbaai.  Parents and children arrived early and Gansbaai CPF committee and SAPS members pinned green ribbons onto the children and handed out pamphlets to the parents.  The children then marched around the school and assembled in front of the school building where Gansbaai Chairperson Julia Barlow and Lt Col Winston Coetzee addressed the children and explained the importance of this initiative.
  • 31 May 2022 – Masakhane Primary.  Gansbaai CPF committee and SAPS members arrived early and welcomed the children as they arrived with a green ribbon and a friendly smile.  Pamphlets were also given out.
  • 01 June 2022 – Gansbaai Primary (Blompark).  The children arrived all smiles wearing green and children made posters which said – “Ek wil veilig wees”. (I want to be safe).  The children gathered in the quad to be addressed by Gansbaai CPF Chairperson Julia Barlow and Station Commander Lt Col Winston Coetzee.  They both encouraged children to speak out when they feel they are not safe.  Gansbaai SAPS and CPF is committed to ensure the safety of all our children.

The message was clear: “Children are our future; it is our duty to protect them”.

After each event, mini sausage rolls and cooldrinks were given which the children received later from their teachers.  In addition, an “ID booklet” was given to principals to hand to the children – all their details must be completed and this booklet should be kept with them at all times.  This will assist should a child be lost.

Street Parade

Saturday 4 June – the end of child protection week was celebrated with a school / community parade.  All the school children participated, with the assistance of Gansbaai SAPS, Traffic Department and Law Enforcement.  Gansbaai CPF committee was thrilled with the turnout and the effort that the children, parents, school principals, teachers and the community made.  Gansbaai CPF Committee and Badisa handed out the green ribbons to children and parents.  Gansbaai CPF Chairperson Julia Barlow welcomed everyone, Sgt Woensdregt Basson explained the proceedings and Gansbaai CPF Deputy Chairperson Juan Lewis opened the event with prayer.

Gansbaai community stood together to ensure that the message was heard and the group walked from the Gansbaai library to Gansbaai SAPS.  Banners were held high, green clothing and school uniform were worn, a few people also ‘dressed up’ for the occasion.  Walking in front of the group (using the loudhailer) Gansbaai CPF Chairperson Julia Barlow greeted the businesses and community.  Her message could be heard by everyone – “Protect our children, it is your responsibility and mine.  They are our future and must be protected”.  The children were singing and handing out pamphlets, they joined in by shouting – “Protect our children, each child matters”.

At the end of the parade everyone gathered in front of Gansbaai SAPS – Gansbaai CPF Chairperson Julia Barlow addressed the wonderful crowd of children and adults.  She explained the importance of protecting our children.  Sgt Woensdregt Basson reiterated the importance thereof.

In closing Gansbaai CPF Chairperson Julia Barlow thanked everyone (scholars, parents, teachers, principals and the community) for participating.  She added by saying that she was proud to be part of Gansbaai and its community.

She thanked the following for their donations:  The office of Director Neville Michaels – Protection Services Overstrand Municipality, Gansbaai SuperSpar, Gansberg News and Badisa.  In addition, she thanked Gansbaai SAPS, Mr Minnie of Traffic and the Law Enforcement team for ensuring their safety with the street parade.  A special word of thanks went to organizations who took time out to join in the National Child Protection Week daily events and the parade: White Shark Projects who went over and beyond (attending each day), Social Development, Gansbaai Library, Gans-Berg News team, Badisa, Imkava and Social Development.

Finally, she thanked the Gansbaai CPF committee for their help and a special word of thanks to Sgt Adele Visser for the printing and WO Riaan Mostert for helping with all the pamphlets and more.  What made this parade ‘Wow’, was the hard work of the CPF team and the commitment of everyone who participated.

Thank you Gansbaai!!!

Glenda Kitley

Gansbaai CPF PRO

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