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‘Lekker Gansbaai’ echoed through the theatre… Tremendous success at the World Fitness Federation – Cobus Briedenhann

Cobus Briedenhann with his reward.

Lekker Gansbaai’ echoed through the theatre when Cobus Briedenhann received his award!  “Health and Active Gansbaai is extremely proud to congratulate our fitness manager and personal trainer, Cobus Briedenhann, on his tremendous success on 4 June 2022 at the W.F.F SA (World Fitness Federation) Pretoria Grand Prix Pro-AM Bodybuilding Show!” says Ilze le Roux on behalf of the Health and Active team in Gansbaai.  Cobus competed in the Sports Model over 30’s category where he won his line-up!  This is the second tremendous success for Health and Active Gansbaai – last year it was his partner, Pieta Botes who made the community proud.

Ilze said Cobus was awarded his Pro Card (Professional Athlete License) which means that he now represents South Africa as one of its WFF professional athletes and can compete at any world, universe, or pro-AM show across the globe!  “This is a very prestigious award and was awarded to him for his outstanding physique and condition,” Ilze said.

That was not all!  Cobus also took part in the Denim model over 30’s division and won!  What an incredible achievement for Gansbaai’s gym, our town and Overstrand.  Ilze says the words: “Lekker Gansbaai” echoed through the theatre as Cobus was handed his pro card!  “What an incredible honour to have our gym and town’s name been heard at such a world-class show,” Ilze says.  “Cobus, you made us proud and thank you for being such an incredible athlete representing not only Health and Active and Gansbaai but now also South Africa.”

Pieta Botes, also from Health and Active Gansbaai, received his Professional licence last year in the Bermuda Model (Muscle model) division and what an incredible privilege to have two W.F.F Professional athletes from our town representing not only Gansbaai and the Western Cape but South Africa as well.

Ilze says it however doesn’t stop here.  Both Cobus and Pieta are busy with preparations as they were chosen for the SA team to represent South Africa and compete against the elite pro athletes from countries across the world at the WFF Universe Championships held in Thailand on the 16th and 17th of July.  “Both Cobus and Pieta will compete in the different divisions for the Universe title, to become the world champions in their separate divisions, Ilze says.

The costs for this trip as well as the entry fees, registration fees, SA tracksuits, etc. are very expensive.  Cobus and Pieta are currently approaching possible sponsors to make this golden opportunity and dream a reality as all the expenses towards this need to be covered by the athlete.  “Every little bit helps and if you or your company would like to contribute then please contact Cobus on 081 864 9619 or cobus@healthandactive.co.za,” Ilze said.

Gans-Berg News also congratulates Cobus on his incredible achievement!  “This award makes Gansbaai a ‘lekker plek’!  Our best wishes accompany both Cobus and Pieta at the WFF Universe Championships in Thailand on the 16th and 17th of July 2022.  “Good luck, guys!”

Hardus Botha



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